Adding Manual Accounts

The Manual accounts feature within cPFM (Contextual Personal Financial Management) allows you to add additional accounts and assets to your banking Home page. You can manually add accounts to help build a complete picture of your financial portfolio in a single, convenient location. This feature is especially helpful if you would like your Net Worth widget within cPFM to include other assets, such as your house or car.

To add an account, do the following:

  • Navigate to the Home page and scroll down to Link Account and hit Get Started.
  • Click or tap Get Started to add a manual account.
    Add a Manual account tile

  • In the Add a Manual account window, enter your information in the following fields:
    • Account name
    • Account type
    • Balance
      Note:  The fields displayed are dependent on the type of account you would like to add. For instance, if you select Loan under Account Type, fields such as Financial Institution, APR etc., will populate.
  • Click or tap Save to confirm your changes.
  • In the Success window select Done.