Sending a Message About a Transaction in the Online Activity Center

You can use the Activity Center to send a message about a transaction.

To send a message about a transaction

  1. In the navigation menu, click or tap Services > Activity Center.
  2. Browse or search for the transaction that you want to send a message about.
  3. Click or tap the item.
  4. In the Actions drop-down list, click or tap Inquire.Note:  The message automatically includes information to identify the transaction. You do not need to add transaction details to the message.
  5. Click or tap in the Message field and enter your message.
  6. (Optional) In online banking, click the attach file icon ().
  7. In the Open dialog box, select a file to attach to the message, and click Open.
  8. Click or tap Send. A message appears confirming that you sent the message.
  9. Click Close.