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At Liberty, our passion for better banking drives everything we do. From mortgages to high interest checking and savings accounts, our retail team is dedicated to making sure we provide the best services and products possible for our customers. Our commitment to quality means you can be sure that with Liberty, our interest truly is in you.

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Your satisfaction is at the root of everything we do. To us, you are more than a person with a checking account, a Savings Account, or a Mortgage; you are a unique individual we are privileged to serve.

Our History

Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B., was founded in 1889 in Highland County, Ohio, when a group of businessmen pooled their funds to create the Lynchburg Building and Loan Association. The Association was formed to help meet the community’s demand for home ownership, and over the years several business mergers helped to strengthen this small, rural bank.

In the late 1960s, Lynchburg Building and Loan Association merged with Superior Loan and Building to form Highland Savings Association. The company continued to grow and strengthen, and when a third office was opened in nearby Wilmington, in Clinton County Ohio, the name was changed to Liberty Savings Association. The Powell family acquired the company in September, 1984, renaming it Liberty Savings Bank, a Federal Savings Bank.

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Now under the leadership of Ryan Powell, Liberty Savings bank focuses on offering products and services that deliver VALUE for all of the people we serve. How? Liberty provides a simple combination of “Small Town” service with advanced technology. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Whether you are a plumber in Sarasota that wants a higher rate on his deposits, or just bought a new home in Florida, we can help and make you smile. Our interest is in you!