Logging Off Involuntarily

To help ensure your security, we automatically log you off when you have been logged in for an extended period. This session timeout is designed to protect the security of your Liberty Savings Bank information. There are two types of session timeouts:

1. Logged in but inactive

Protects you if you are logged in and inadvertently leave your device. A warning message appears to give you a chance to stay logged in. If you miss the warning message, you can immediately log back in on the same browser or device by re-entering your login credentials, restoring your session and any tasks that you were working on. This window is only available for a short period of time. If you enter an incorrect password, any pending work is discarded.

2. Logged in but exceed session time limit

Limits the maximum time of any session. When the maximum session time ends, you are prompted to log off manually. If you do not log off manually, the system will automatically log you off.