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Business Banking –ACH OriginationOnline Security

The ACH (Automated Clearing House) network is an electronic payments network used by individuals, businesses, financial institutions, and government entities to exchange funds and relevant information between parties within the network.  It was developed as an alternative to check presentment, saving both time and money in today’s fast paced world.

Through the ACH network, you can:

  • Process direct deposits such as payroll, expense reimbursements, or commissions. 
  • Collect funds due to your company such as membership fees and regular donations. 
  • Make payments to state and federal governments for taxes or child support.

ACH is one of the quickest ways to send or receive funds.  A transaction entered today could complete the very next morning.  This, combined with its low cost, makes ACH a very efficient way to conduct business.

Visit your local branch today to sign up for our ACH service powered through our Business Online Banking product.

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