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Welcome to Liberty Savings Bank!

Make the transition from your old bank to Liberty Savings Bank with ease.


Step One

Switch your direct deposits and automatic transfers to Liberty. It is important to notify payees and your employer of your new account with Liberty. To help you in this process, utilize the following forms:

Change Direct Deposit: Provide this form to your employer’s HR department and to the company handling your retirement or pension payments. For Social Security direct deposits, changes may be made by calling Social Security Administration at 800.772.1212.

Change Automatic Withdrawal: Provide this form to any company which makes automatic withdrawals from your account including your:

  • mortgage company
  • homeowner’s insurance
  • auto insurance
  • life insurance
  • any company which charges to your old debit/credit cards. 

Step Two

Enroll in:

Step Three

  1. Close your old account.
    • After you have set up your new accounts with Liberty, leave your old accounts open long enough to allow outstanding checks, automatic withdrawals and direct deposits to clear. This may take several weeks to accomplish. 
    • Once you are sure there are no more items to clear your old account, send the Close Account Letter to your old bank. 
  2. Destroy all old checks, ATM/debit cards and deposit slips. 

Traveling Soon?

For the security and protection of your account, transactions performed using your Liberty Rewards Debit Card are scored. Traveling outside of your typical spending area can create a higher scored transaction on your account causing a flag on your account. This higher risk score can cause transactions to reject. So if you are traveling outside of your normal area, it is always a good idea to let us know so that we can place a Travel Alert on your account. This will help reduce the potential for denied transactions. It will not, however, guarantee all transactions will be approved. You should travel with more than one form of payment.

To place a Travel Alert on your account, call us at 800.436.6300

Need A Replacement Debit Card?

Has your debit card been lost or stolen? Are you in need of a replacement card? To request a new card, sign into Online Banking. In the top right corner, select Change Requests then Debit Card Replacement Request.

Recently Moved?

Account statements and such coming from Liberty Savings Bank are not able to be forwarded. If you have moved, please provide us with your new address, telephone number and email address. Sign into Online Banking. In the top right corner, select Change Requests then Change of Address Form.

Haven't Opened Your Account Yet?

Start the process today. Visit a local financial center OR  open your account online today


Need Further Assistance?

Call us at 800.436.6300.


Thank you for choosing Liberty Savings Bank to serve your banking needs.


 *Message and data rates may apply.

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