It’s easy

  1. To register for Popmoney, you have to be enrolled in online bill pay. If you are, go to Step 2. If you are not enrolled in online bill pay go here to enroll
  2. Go to on your computer
  3. In the upper righthand corner, click on the “LOG IN” button and select “Personal Online Banking”.
  4. Once you have accessed online banking, click ”Pay Bills” located within the dark blue line above your account balances.
  5. The next screen should take you into the Payment Center. Click on the “Popmoney” tab
  6. Select “Send Money”, and then to the right “Add a New Contact”.
  7. You should be good to go. Where you go next depend on your needs. Feel free to check out “Overview”, “Send Money”, “Request Money”, “Activity”, “Contacts or Preferences” or “Popmoney Help”, which includes many FAQs.)

To use Popmoney

  1. You access Popmoney via the LSB mobile app. Simply click Payments and select Popmoney.
  2. Account Payment Limits


  • It depends on the amount sent, but many are about $0.95 per transaction.

How will this help me?

  • Send money securely from your bank account to just about anyone with an email or mobile number.
  • Request money in a snap: Request money easily from a person or a group with just their email or mobile numbers.
  • Money moves directly from bank account to bank account. There’s no middle account for you or recipients to transfer money in and out of.
  • Receiving money is easy: Recipients enroll once they get a Popmoney text or email.


Call or visit your local Financial Center today! For additional information, call 800.436.6300.