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Business Banking – Cash Management 

How you manage the flow of money in and out of your business represents a tremendous opportunity.  The right money management services can help you collect money quickly, manage payments to your best advantage, and maximize the earning potential of accumulated cash.  Liberty Savings Bank offers a full line of cash management services.  Liberty’s staff of experienced banking professionals can assist you in selecting the best combination of products and services to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Business Online Banking

Business Online Banking is available to any business/commercial customer of Liberty who wants the convenience of being able to manage their finances using the ease and accessibility of the Internet.

Business Online Banking is a robust Internet-based system that provides business and commercial customers access to their business accounts so as to view current transactions, manage active balances, perform Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments or collections, transfer cash either internally (from a Liberty account to a Liberty account) or by Wire Transfer via the electronic funds transfer network to or from Liberty or to other financial institutions. There is also the ability to make Remote Deposits without the need to visit one of our branch locations.

At our Basic Level, Business Online Banking provides you with account information, online statements and activity reports, check images, and much more.  Business Online Banking gives you the ability to manage your accounts electronically from wherever you may have access to the Internet.  Multiple levels of security are provided to ensure that your information and transactions are secure and protected wherever you access your accounts. 

To get started, visit the Business Online Banking page for more information and to download the enrollment form. 

Other Services

  • Merchant Services
  • Small Business Overdraft Line of Credit
  • ACH Processing
  • Remote Deposit
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